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One-Soft Meeting: Recapping Our Q1/2024

At TechSoft, we believe that quarterly meetings are essential for us to review progress, align priorities, solve problems, communicate effectively, foster accountability, and plan strategically. These regular gatherings provide a structured platform for our team members to discuss achievements, challenges, and…

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CodeCamp #3 Internship Graduation Ceremony

We celebrate a group of incredible individuals who have reached a significant milestone – completing their internship program at TechSoft. Throughout their tenure, these remarkable individuals have engaged in diverse projects at TechSoft, translating their skills into real-project applications and garnering…

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A Working Day Of Our TechSofter In The Netherland Office

Today, we’re excited to share with you a snapshot of the typical workday of our talented TechSofter, Lina, a UX/UI designer at the TechSoft office in the Netherlands. From morning bike rides with the European vibrance to client meetings and creative…

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