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.Core Values driven

Expand your horizon, with TechSoft!

We are united and highly committed to team results, by taking ownership of our assigned tasks in proactively finding creative ways to success, obtained from collective results.


We treat other people the way we want to be treated, by being honest, transparent, respecting, caring, guiding, supporting, and cheering each other.

We aim for a healthy and long-term journey, by first being healthy, constantly learning and growing, and sharing knowledge with our team and the community.

We aim to deliver WOW results with a focus on qualityby keeping our commitment to making a bit better progress every day.


Personal & professional development

Job security

We commit to do our best to keep your job security with us as long as you have done your best.

A bit better every day

We’re serious about knowledge sharing as proven this drives our TechSoft’s success. We often organize training activities and workshops to help our members keep improving.

Your Well-Being

We offer unlimited paid holidays through the year with working time options, vary from 20 up to 40 hours per week. At least, everyone is deserved to take a 1-week-off completely during the summer.

Fun! we all like it.

Annual Company trips, birthday celebrations, celebrating holidays, and special occasions (Mid-autumn, Xmas, New year).

We are highly committed to build a healthy culture and to facilitate for your success. Teamwork is vital to us. It’s how we achieve our big goals whilst making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Our collective success comes along personal interests. 

Are you looking to kick start your career with an internship?

We’re always eager to meet talents, so check out our open positions.

FAQFrequently asked questions

No worries, you can drop us your resume + tell us what your best is to:

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We’re not looking for perfect people. We aim to be the right team members.

If everything is cool with your resume, we’ll invite you to the interview sessions online/offline. You’ll meet with one of our colleagues from Techsoft:

1. Culture fit: We share our stories and expectations. We’d love to have ones who would fit in.

2. Ability:Meet Our technical members will meet and discuss with you on your technical experience. 

3. Hiring Decision: You’re at the final stage of becoming our team member soon. 

We’re TechSoft.

We’re proud of Software ”Made in Vietnam” and “Made for Vietnamese”. Treating our colleagues, our clients, and our customers in a way that makes business more human is the same way we always want to be treated. We believe that we can contribute to a ‘bit’ better world, including Vietnam, with technologies. We’re always eager to meet talents, so check out our open positions.


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