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One-Soft Meeting: Recapping Our Q1/2024

At TechSoft, we believe that quarterly meetings are essential for us to review progress, align priorities, solve problems, communicate effectively, foster accountability, and plan strategically. These regular gatherings provide a structured platform for our team members to discuss achievements, challenges, and...
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TechSoft – A Place Where We Feel The Harmony

Each company will have their own story to be told about the logo they choose. At TechSoft, we opt to use the balance between the color “Blue” and “Pink”, to emphasize the harmony of masculinity and femininity, according to the closed...
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CodeCamp #3 Internship Graduation Ceremony

We celebrate a group of incredible individuals who have reached a significant milestone – completing their internship program at TechSoft. Throughout their tenure, these remarkable individuals have engaged in diverse projects at TechSoft, translating their skills into real-project applications and garnering...
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A Working Day Of Our TechSofter In The Netherland Office

Today, we’re excited to share with you a snapshot of the typical workday of our talented TechSofter, Lina, a UX/UI designer at the TechSoft office in the Netherlands. From morning bike rides with the European vibrance to client meetings and creative...
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