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CodeCamp #2 Internship Graduation Ceremony

Over the course of three months, these dedicated individuals have immersed themselves in real-world projects at TechSoft, allowing them to apply their skills in a practical setting and gain valuable insights into the tech industry. During their time with us, they had the…

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TechSoft’s Journey: Celebrating One Year of Growth, Development and Achievements

Time has flown by in a blink, and as we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, we’re thrilled to commemorate a special milestone – the First-Year Anniversary of TechSoft!  This anniversary is an occasion for our unwavering commitment to innovation,…

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Unlocking the Power of AI4SG: Transforming Lives and Communities

Given the strict criteria of AI4SG, there is no doubt that it is challenging for us to meet all of them. Here are what we believe will be the achievable steps and actions that we can take to start introducing AI4SG…

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