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Outfit of The Day – An Ultimate Fashion Network

Outfit of The Day - An Ultimate Fashion Network 

        THE DAY

Establishing and developing an “Outfit of The Day” app for TechSoft’s customer in fashion markets

With the need to update fashion trends daily, or simply asking, ‘What should I wear today? Should I combine this skirt with a long sleeve?’ –TechSoft’s customer decided to work with us on a revolutionary idea about fashion. The goal is to connect the power of social media with the help of users in choosing their outfits for a variety of occasions and defining their fashion tastes, also assists them in select the exact labels of fashion items. 

People are able to show their personalities on OOTD (Source: TechSoft)
Users vote for the best options (Source: TechSoft)



Date of project:
October 2022

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, UX/UI design, eCommerce solution

Technology: Flutter, .NET, AWS, AI, Machine Learning Algorithms, Firebase

Platform: Android, iOS, Website


TechSoft’s customers have a big impact on fashion industry since they are ones of the initial influencers got so many followers on social media. People keep noticing their personal styles, accessories, trendy items and save their ideas for mixing clothes. From this inspiration, an idea blew up their minds:
Why don’t we build a community for people to assist them in choosing outfit? 


People tend to be confused in picking clothes for different occasions (Source: Unsplash)

In other words, our customers are trailblazers who put their hearts in contributing positive values to the community, therefore, they would love to engage a sustainable application for their friendly fashion group. It is not only about the designation of the ideas, but it is also about the business insight where they are able to understand their clients’ needs.

Our customers struggled with creating an effective platform to connect people with each other and also about how to embrace the commercial aspect. The problem is raised, and TechSoft is invited to join as a technical consultant and also a business analyst unit. 


The target of OOTD
 is to provide a platform that introduces a new way for users to interact with fashion content, allows them to decide a proper outfit from popular advice provided by another usersSpecially, OOTD aims to create a space where fashion enthusiasts can connect, inspire, and receive constructive feedback from our supportive community OOTD. Also, by offering AI-driven fashion matching, OOTD enhances users’ fashion experiences and builds their confidence in expressing themselves through clothing, offer users the possibilities to measure themselves virtually. Moreover, to optimize the user experience, OOTD supports not online for mobile devices, but also for PC/Laptop users through website. 

The combination of eCommerce and technology helpst users to save time (Source: Unsplash)

Another highlighted feature of OOTD is that users are allowed to purchase their favourite items right through the platform. Just a double-click on a small icon, they save the time for other daily tasks by directing to the website of the labels and easily purchase online.  



TechSoft takes part in a very special project where both customers and our company are able to spread the energy of creativity as well as apply the business analytical strength and the technical expertise. We also offer the assistance in adjusting the platform that fits the requirements of the customers. We always put the priority to think as a user, also construct as a technician.

After having a careful dialogue with our customers, we decide to divide the process into 4 phases with 4 different functions, mainly concentrate on the model of ‘feedback loop’, in which TechSoft’s specialists are able to receive the input from the client, then examine the demands of social media users as well as study the scale of the fashion markets to suggest an effective UX/UI for customers’ application. We continue to do more research about adopting eCommerce where people can lift the limitation in finding the best in-person clothing store.

The combination of eCommerce and technology helps users save time (Source: TechSoft)
Outfit of The Day platforms provided by TechSoft team (Source: TechSoft)

In the dynamic landscape of OOTD app development, a combination of cutting-edge technologies plays a pivotal role. Flutter, a versatile UI toolkit, we ensure a unified and visually appealing user experience across mobile, web, and desktop platforms with optimized. TechSoft also utilizes .NET, a powerful framework by Microsoft, serves as the backbone for backend development, handling business logic and data processing. Besides, by employing the integration of AI and machine learning algorithms introduces intelligent features, such as natural language processing and personalized recommendations, supporting users with identifying their body shapes for suitable hints. Meanwhile, Firebase, Google’s mobile and web development platform, streamlines backend processes with real-time databases, authentication, and hosting services. This amalgamation empowers developers to craft feature-rich, scalable, and cross-platform applications that resonate with the ever-evolving demands of the digital landscape.  TechSoft team always seeks for the sustainable solutions which provides the best option for clients to achieve their product’s expectation.

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OOTD attracts more than 100,000 followers in the first phase of publishment and predicted to increase 16,5% per one quarter of each phase. The interface is evaluated as user-friendly platform, optimizes the functionalities of the application across both computer and mobile platforms has elicited positive feedback from users on both the Android and iOS operating systems. The application’s precise recording of feedback speed is achieved through parameters executed during the scanning operation. Also, the seamless data conversion process, coupled with intelligent suggestions, has facilitated a user-friendly experience for individuals engaging with this fashion platform. Navigating through different sections is smooth, and the response time is impressively quick.

All in all, the product’s information is scrutinized clear and detailed, with high-quality images accompanying each item. The platform demonstrates strengths in design, functionality, and security, with opportunities for refinement in mobile optimization and user support resources. The application’s responsiveness on various devices, including mobile platforms, has generally been reliable. Overall, the performance is praiseworthy, and addressing minor image loading delays would further enhance the user experience.

From TechSoft’s side, we are delightful to receive positive feedback from our client for the quick response during the time we cooperated with each other. TechSoft team also recognized as one of the technology companies where provide the best solution for clients by obtain thoroughly their input and process rapidly, efficiently according to the demand to export the most capable output for the product.

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