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Asset Armor – Safeguarding Your Valuables with Ease

Asset Armor - Safeguarding Your Valuables with Ease


Simplifying Insurance Management for Valuable Items with Asset Armor

Asset Armor is an innovative insurance app developed to assist users in managing their covered and uninsured valuable items and equipment. With the primary purpose of providing users with an easy and efficient way to handle insurance information, the application enables users to track essential details, such as time, value and status, of their insured possessions.

Users often encounter legal paperwork issues when they have a multitude of assets to manage

Project info

Year of project: 2022

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, UX/UI design, security solution

Technology: Flutter

Platform: Android, iOS, Website


In the dynamic landscape of personal finance, the call for seamless and efficient insurance management has never been more pronounced. Individuals navigating the complexities of insurance policies, claims, and coverage find themselves in a constant struggle for clarity and convenience. It is within this evolving context that the imperative for a dedicated Asset Armor App emerges.

As the traditional modes of handling insurance affairs prove to be cumbersome and time-consuming, the need for a comprehensive, user-friendly digital solution becomes evident. Asset Armor promises to revolutionize the way individuals interact with their insurance portfolios, offering a centralized platform for policy tracking, claims processing, and coverage optimization.

The ownership of numerous personal assets hinders effective management


The focus is on simplifying insurance management, eliminating the hassle associated with dealing with paperwork and contracts, and bringing users closer to their insurance details in a modern and professional manner. 

One of the primary goals of Asset Armor is to streamline the tracking of insurance-related transactions and invoices. By providing users with a centralized location to monitor payments from suppliers or banks related to their valuable items, the application ensures that no critical information is lost or overlooked. This feature enhances transparency and accountability in insurance management, allowing users to stay on top of their financial interactions. 

Another crucial objective of the application is to keep users informed about suitable insurance packages and relevant updates. Asset Armor automatically updates insurance information for covered items when users decide to purchase insurance or when there are changes in the status of their possessions. By offering real-time updates, the app ensures that users have the most accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips, making informed decisions regarding their insurance needs. 

The application is built to provide users with a reliable platform for managing personal assets and associated insurance documents
TechSoft has collaborated with clients to develop optimal solutions aimed at delivering significant efficiency for end-users


The main target of Asset Armor is to offer users a user-friendly and efficient platform for managing their valuable items and equipment, whether covered by insurance or uninsured. Through the application, users can easily assess and organize crucial insurance information, including details about the insured items’ time, value and status. 

Users are able to organize items by time, category, or group, streamlining their insurance management process. Furthermore, Asset Armor helps users stay informed about suitable insurance packages and payment transactions, ensuring they have updated and relevant information at their fingertips. 


Overall, Asset Armor is designed with the aim of making insurance management a seamless and convenient process for users. It aims to simplify the way users interact with their insurance information, providing them with a secure, efficient, and user-centric platform. By embracing these objectives, Asset Armor seeks to empower users in managing their valuable possessions while promoting transparency, ease of use, and peace of mind. 

This challenge seeks to address the gaps in current insurance management approaches, emphasizing the necessity for an innovative, technology-driven solution that aligns with the fast-paced lifestyles of modern individuals. The goal is to empower users with a tool that not only simplifies the intricacies of insurance but also enhances their overall financial well-being.

Join us in exploring and conceptualizing the future of insurance management, as we delve into the design and development of Asset Armor that redefines convenience, transparency, and efficiency for every user.