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Socio Pulse – A social network that reflexes your morality
A social network that raises your awareness of building a better world
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Finmo – A trustworthy fintech app for your financial management
A mobile banking application helps streamline your expense tracking
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3D Crafter – Mastering Your Innovative Marketing Ideas
A 3D construction tool for creating illustrated models
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Slides Generator – Crafting Impactful Business Presentations Effortlessly
The tool creates automatic slides for business presentations
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EcoTrack – Optimizing Sustainability
A sustainable solution for waste and recycling management
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IrisGuard ProVision: Advanced Pupil and Iris Detection Solution
The Iris and Pupil Detection technology improves biometric data
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Drive Guardian – Your GPS Shield on the Road
An application that eases your anxiety when participating traffics
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What are the Benefits of Smart Lockers_
Finger Lock – Advanced Fingerprint Access Management
Secure your assets with the safest solution with Finger Lock
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