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Trade Insight – Navigating Markets with Electronic Trade Monitoring

Trade Insight - Navigating Markets with Electronic Trade Monitoring


Trade Insight – A Comprehensive Electronic Trade Monitoring System for Real-Time Energy Surveillance and Regulatory Compliance

A cutting-edge electronic trade monitoring system designed to revolutionize real-time energy surveillance and regulatory compliance. With its comprehensive suite of features, Trade Insight offers unparalleled insights and monitoring capabilities, empowering energy professionals to stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape. From tracking trade activities to ensuring regulatory compliance, Trade Insight provides a streamlined solution for navigating the complexities of the energy trading industry.

The application is built to monitor transparency in energy trading on the EU market

Project info

Date of project: January 2023

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, application operation

Technology: Board BI, Data pipeline, Cloud AWS 

Platform: Website


Monitoring transparency in energy trading on the EU market presents several challenges. One major obstacle is the complexity of the energy trading landscape, characterized by diverse market participants, products, and trading platforms. This complexity can make it difficult to capture and analyze trading activities comprehensively, leading to gaps in transparency. Additionally, regulatory frameworks across EU member states vary, creating inconsistencies in reporting requirements and data standards, further hindering efforts to achieve transparency.

Furthermore, concerns about data privacy and confidentiality pose challenges to achieving full transparency. Balancing the need for transparency with the protection of sensitive commercial information requires careful consideration and robust data governance frameworks.

TechSoft builds the platform according to the EU framework about energy trade named REMIT


The objective is to develop a system that mitigates challenges such as fragmentation, data complexity, regulatory compliance, market manipulation, and data privacy and security in energy trading within the EU market. This system aims to streamline operations, simplify data management, ensure adherence to regulations, prevent market abuses, and safeguard sensitive information, ultimately fostering transparency and efficiency in energy trading.

The data is accurately collected from reliable third parties to ensure the quality of monitoring
TechSoft provides optimization tools to minimize costs for wholesale energy buyers by tracking legal transactions


The solutions of building a data tracking system to monitor transparency in energy trading on the EU market is to enhance market integrity, promote regulatory compliance, and improve market efficiency. By providing real-time monitoring and transparent access to trading data, the system aims to detect and prevent market abuses, ensure fair competition, and facilitate informed decision-making by market participants, regulators, and policymakers. Ultimately, the goal is to foster trust, integrity, and efficiency in the EU energy market, benefiting all stakeholders involved.


The implementation of a comprehensive data system for monitoring transparency in energy trading on the EU market, facilitated by Board BI, Data pipeline, and Cloud AWS, has yielded significant results. By leveraging Board BI’s advanced analytics capabilities, we have gained deep insights into trading activities, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of market trends and anomalies. The integration of a robust data pipeline has streamlined data collection and processing, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information. Additionally, Cloud AWS has provided scalable and secure infrastructure, allowing for seamless data storage, retrieval, and analysis. As a result, we have enhanced market surveillance, improved regulatory compliance, and strengthened transparency in energy trading, ultimately fostering trust and integrity in the EU energy market.

The application contributes to processing data much faster and more modernly than before