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SmartEdu – A gamification solution for building interactive classroom

SmartEdu - A gamification app building for an interactive classroom


Embedding the technological assistance to the education model with SmartEdu 

SmartEdu application combines the power of technology with the engaging elements of gaming to create an immersive and effective learning experience. Say goodbye to traditional, monotonous methods of education, and step into a world where learning is exciting, interactive, and fun. With our app, learning becomes an adventure filled with challenges, rewards, and endless opportunities for growth. Whether you’re mastering a new language, exploring mathematical concepts, or delving into historical events, our gamified approach keeps you motivated every step of the way.

Users are able to compete each other with the quizzes available on the library

Project info

Technology: Kotlin Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Login, Azure, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, Google Analytics, Braintree & Google payments 

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, UX/UI design, database management, real-time updates

Platform: Android, Website


When dealing with boredom in school classes, students may face several challenges, such as difficulty focusing, lack of motivation, decreased participation, and a negative impact on learning outcomes. Additionally, teachers may encounter challenges in engaging disinterested students, maintaining classroom dynamics, and delivering material effectively. Finding innovative teaching methods, incorporating interactive activities, and fostering a stimulating learning environment are essential strategies to overcome these challenges. That is precisely why our client is turning to us for assistance in addressing these challenges head-on.

The significant of remodify the engagement of students in the class is well-noted recently


The objectives of a SmartEdu encompass enhancing engagement, learning, and skill development through interactive gameplay and personalized experiences. By incorporating challenges, rewards, and feedback mechanisms, these apps aim to boost motivation and foster collaboration among students while providing immediate assessment and tracking progress. Additionally, they strive to make learning accessible to diverse learners and connect educational content to real-world applications. Through data-driven insights, they continually refine the learning experience to maintain long-term engagement and relevance, ultimately facilitating a dynamic and effective approach to education.

The private users as well as business unit are able to develop the library of quizzes on SmartEdu
The winner of the quizz are able to exchange their scores into rewards


We propose an application that is compatible across multiple platforms: web, mobile, and tablet, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems. By integrating a broad spectrum of general knowledge spanning various aspects of life, the app offers users an engaging blend of learning and playful competition within a healthy environment. Participants immerse themselves in quizzes, with the system orchestrating challenges that escalate in difficulty based on user focus. Successful completion of challenges enables users to accumulate rewards, which can be exchanged for gifts. The app’s design caters to the preferences of young individuals, providing them with a refreshing approach to studying.


The result of building SmartEdu app integrated with Kotlin, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn login functionalities, along with Azure, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, Google Analytics, Braintree, and Google Payments, is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly blends engaging learning experiences with cutting-edge technology. 

Users can effortlessly access the app through their preferred social media accounts, ensuring convenience and ease of use. The integration of Azure provides robust cloud services, enabling scalable and reliable performance. Cloud Messaging and Dynamic Links enhance user engagement and retention by facilitating real-time communication and seamless navigation. Google Analytics offers valuable insights into user behavior and app performance, empowering developers to optimize the learning journey. 

Finally, Braintree and Google Payments streamline transactions, offering secure and convenient payment options. Together, these features create a dynamic and immersive educational ecosystem that revolutionizes learning experiences for users worldwide.