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EcoTrack – Optimizing Sustainability

EcoTrack - Optimizing Sustainability


Eco Track – Waste Collection Telematics Solutions for Efficient and Eco-Friendly Operations

In today’s dynamic environmental landscape, the need for efficient and eco-friendly waste operations is paramount. Our cutting-edge telematics solutions seamlessly integrate technology to optimize waste collection processes. Through real-time tracking, intelligent routing, and data analytics, we aim to revolutionize waste management, enhancing operational efficiency while promoting eco-friendly practices. Join us on a journey towards a sustainable future, where smart technology meets environmental responsibility in waste collection operations.

Optimizing the waste management process is one of the crucial factors for maintaining sustainable living

Project info

Date of project: 2023

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, UX/UI design

Technology: Telematics, OCR

Platform: Android, iOS


Obstacles in waste and recycling management, such as optimizing collection routes, preventing unnecessary pickups by monitoring bin fill levels, and ensuring efficient fleet management through real-time asset tracking, underscore the need for advanced solutions. These challenges often result in increased operational costs, environmental impact, and inefficiencies. However, embracing telematics technology can address these issues by providing a data-driven approach. Real-time tracking enables precise route optimization, sensor-based monitoring minimizes wasteful pickups, and asset tracking ensures streamlined fleet management. This transformative technology not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to cost savings and environmentally conscious waste management practices.

Waste management is one of the challenging issues for environmental protection centers


At the core of our mission is the establishment of a comprehensive waste and recycling management system that seamlessly integrates the storage, retrieval, and transportation of your products. Our strategic approach involves a meticulous and well-coordinated process designed to optimize the handling of your products and preliminary items. The emphasis extends beyond mere logistical efficiency; we are dedicated to ensuring that your products are securely packaged, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. This objective serves as a testament to our commitment to elevating overall operational efficiency within the waste management framework. By prioritizing secure packaging and efficient handling, we aim to not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing our clients with a reliable and innovative solution that enhances both operational processes and product safety in the realm of waste and recycling management.

The combination of telematics and waste mangement reduce a huge time and employees


Incorporated fill level sensors autonomously identify the container’s fill level, transmitting this information digitally. Utilizing this data, the system calculates optimal emptying schedules and dynamic vehicle routes. This enables you to enhance vehicle usage, decrease labor requirements, and transport more recyclables efficiently. Simultaneously, it aids in preventing the pollution of collection points.

Our containers are equipped with geo-trackers that relay their location to the system at least once daily. This provides valuable insights for inventory optimization, allowing you to calculate and validate container rent based on tracking data.


EcoTrack containers offer flexible data acquisition, accommodating RFID chips or various technologies like barcode, QR code, or OCR. Our handheld devices seamlessly integrate with all these systems, ensuring adaptability to your specific needs. Known for their robustness, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, these devices feature bulletproof glass and a rubber coating for exceptional durability, requiring minimal maintenance.

User guidance through the touchscreen interface is both simple and intuitive, contributing to ease of use. The high cost-benefit ratio ensures efficient investment returns. Moreover, these handhelds are individually configurable, allowing you to customize event recording and specify actions executed via the app according to your preferences. This adaptability makes EcoTrack a comprehensive solution for your data acquisition needs.

This solution aimed at minimizing manual labor in health-hazardous sectors