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Drive Guardian – Your GPS Shield on the Road

Drive Guardian - Your GPS Shield on the Road


Tracking your journey with your careful companion – Drive Guardian

With our cutting-edge auto app, which includes GPS technology, you can enjoy improved navigation and convenience. In a world where mobility is critical, our application transforms the driving experience by effortlessly integrating GPS functionality. Say goodbye to the frustrations of outdated maps and hello to a dynamic, real-time navigation system that adapts to your every move. Whether you’re navigating city streets or taking picturesque routes, our GPS-enabled vehicle app assures a smooth, efficient, and personalised ride. Prepare to rediscover the joy of driving as our programme directs you with accuracy, making every journey an adventure.

Drive Guardian allows users to locate themselves on the offical map
Users are able to view the information of their chosen place

Project info

Service: IT solution, technical consultant, UX/UI design, eCommerce solution

Platform: Android, iOS, Website


The absence of precise GPS technology presents significant challenges, including navigation errors, inefficient route planning, and difficulties in tracking assets accurately. Without precision, users may experience delays, increased fuel costs, and frustration due to inaccurate directions. Businesses relying on fleet management face operational inefficiencies, impacting timely deliveries. The lack of precise GPS also compromises the accuracy of location-based services, geotagging, and other location-dependent functionalities. Embracing precise GPS technology is crucial to overcome these obstacles, ensuring accurate navigation, efficient route planning, and effective asset tracking for enhanced overall performance.

The need of location navigation is an indispensable function of the modernized life


The primary objective of building a robust GPS application is to provide users with a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly navigation experience. The application aims to offer accurate real-time location data, ensuring precise and timely guidance for users navigating both familiar and unfamiliar routes. Additionally, the goal is to enhance overall travel efficiency by providing optimal route recommendations, minimizing travel time, and reducing fuel consumption. A good GPS application also focuses on incorporating features such as traffic updates, alternative route suggestions, and points of interest, contributing to a seamless and informed navigation experience. Ultimately, the objective is to empower users with a comprehensive tool that not only simplifies navigation but also adds value to their journeys, making travel more convenient, time-saving, and enjoyable.

The combination of displaying metrics and vehicle location enhances user convenience in driving
The development of a sustainable GPS system alongside the creation of a user-friendly interface stands out as a key highlight in the collaborative efforts of TechSoft


Firstly, a robust backend infrastructure is essential for managing location data, user authentication, and communication with GPS satellites or third-party mapping services. Cloud-based solutions offer scalability and flexibility, allowing for seamless integration of data from various sources. 

On the frontend, utilizing frameworks like React Native or Flutter enables cross-platform development, ensuring broad accessibility across different devices. Integration with GPS hardware and sensors requires expertise in handling location updates efficiently while minimizing battery consumption. Furthermore, incorporating features like real-time navigation, geofencing, and location-based notifications requires careful consideration of user privacy and data security. 


We brought our 3 software engineers to be working at our client’s location in the Netherlands for two months. It was a good opportunity for us to quickly learn the project domain, the project requirements and joining on the testing activities on the field. As a positive result, our team members returned to Vietnam and continued working as a part of their R&D team from the distance. 

Engaged in this collaboration for nearly nine months, we played a pivotal role in assisting our clients in achieving timely project delivery while effectively reducing costs. Our dedicated efforts and strategic contributions throughout this extensive period underscore our commitment to ensuring project success and delivering value to our clients.

Drive Guardian is one of the most successful application which is built by TechSoft