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Happy Hour: Fostering Team Unity and Celebrating Milestones

At TechSoft, we have a special culture that celebrates a Happy Hour event for our team’s work break every Friday. It’s an opportunity for members to unwind, interact, and participate in various activities. Moreover, everyone could extend congratulations to TechSofters who have made dedicated contributions over the past year or convey birthday wishes to fellow team members. The purpose of this time is not only to help team members release stress after hours of work but also to bring members closer together as OneTeam. 

Individual Contributions, Collective Success👏

As we celebrate our employees’ 1 year of work, we raise our glasses not only to the company but also to the person who makes it the dynamic community that it is. Our success has been built on the abilities, talents, and dedication that each team member brings to the table. Their willingness to share knowledge, offer support, and contribute to the collective success of the team has been a source of inspiration for us all.  

In recognition of their efforts, we honored them with both flowers and medals. The flowers represent the successful development they have nurtured within our company. And the medals symbolize their professional achievements and their pursuit of #excellence. 

Birthday Event🎊

Happy Hour takes on a special meaning when it’s time to celebrate the birthdays of our team members. Surprising a team member with a cake, and heartfelt wishes with #kindness. We emphasize that we’re not just colleagues working side by side; we’re a one-team, and each individual’s happiness is integral to the overall well-being of our team. 

Team-Building Games and Activities

To strengthen the core value of being united, incorporating team-building games and activities during Happy Hour can be both fun and maintaining a work-life balance style for our team members. From the “Guess the words” game that encourages us to communicate and collaborate with each other and brought lots of laughs. This activity helps us to break down barriers and nourish a sense of co-working relationship among team members. 

Thanks to all members who joinedyour voices and energy fuels our progress🙌 Cheers to teamwork and a brighter future!🍀

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