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Appreciation 2022 Party

Appreciation 2022 Party

"We are all here for a common mission"

2022 was a memorable year for all of us to start our journey at TechSoft. On 30 December 2022, We did have a warm dinner at Stella Maris Beach Danang and this is an opportunity to not only express gratitude to our members for their dedication but also recap our moments throughout the year.

Some games for us to warm up and we recognize that our team members are really good at making poems, guessing songs, and puzzling pictures.

The end of the year is the perfect time to get together and celebrate success as a team. We were having a good time that evening and boosted our morale and team spirit in the office. 

The hopeful 2023 is coming. 

Hope to welcome more TechSofters. Let’s check our opening position here:

🥂 We wish you all a happy new year, 2023 🥂

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