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#aBitBe: Learning by Sharing

#aBitBe: Learning by Sharing

Following the initial #aBitBe Training Session, TechSoft held two further in-house-sharing recently which are called Cast Highlight Foundation Certificates and Backend Testing.

“Cast highlight foundation certificates.”

CAST Highlight acts as an automated control tower for any size portfolio, providing actionable insights across all application assets – software health, composition, cloud readiness, open source risks, and green impact – with instant drill-downs and recommendations. 

This training is intended to give a general overview of the CAST Highlight software and its four key features, as well as information on software intelligence, how this software may benefit software companies, and how to pass the certification with high grades.

Backend Testing

The backend is a crucial component of any software application or service. 

Without proper testing, backend issues such as API errors, database errors, performance bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities can go undetected, leading to potential risks and costly errors down the road.

Therefore, Backend Testing Training is held with the aim of covering a wide range of topics related to backend testing, including best practices, testing methodologies, tools for database testing and Unit Testing. 


Would you like to join us to learn some new skill sets in the upcoming session?

by Diep Ho

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