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CodeCamp #1 The recap of learning & growing experience

CodeCamp #1 The recap of learning & growing experience


aBitTalk #1 was a successful event of welcoming more than 30 people working in software industry.

“During my time here I have experienced many things, the first thing that comes to mind is that I have been working in such an amazing and friendly environment along with an amazing colleague who sometimes can be humorous or serious. The growth that I have received here will surely be beneficial for me, whether I keep working here or in any other place, it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Get a chance to join us as intern in the upcoming CodeCamp

Experience different work environments

If you have an interest in becoming a techie, pursuing an internship may be a great way to narrow your focus and determine which career path applies to your skills and goals. Since internships usually require around 8 – 12 weeks to complete which gives you a try to decide whether your current career path is right for you.

Develop new skills

Internships also often allow you to gain feedback from mentors who already have experience. An internship can provide unique opportunities for learning outside of academic settings with both technical & non-technical topics. It can expose you to new tasks and help you learn goal-specific skills to complete those tasks. Internships also give you experience with technology, people, and projects that may relate to your career goals. Having the willingness to learn may help you optimize your internship experience.

Network with professionals

Being a part of TechSoft, our Interns have a chance to work on various projects which require varying skills and experience levels as well as an opportunity to meet new team members. Networking with and learning from full-time professionals during your internship can also result in job opportunities.

Job opportunities

Yes, the outcome of your internship at TechSoft can determine whether you’re a potential candidate for our opening positions. Then, we are happy to have you as a full-time member.

Let’s have a look back of our CodeCamp #1 moments & sharing their thoughts

Words of gratitude

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